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i'm all signed up and finalized on classes for next semester!
my 14 credits will be taken as follows:

COMM 250: Intro to Organizational Communication (on-line; 3 cred)
ENG 325: Language Theory - Grammar & Usage (live; 3 cred)
FDREL 333: Teachings of the Living Prophets (on-line; 2 cred)
ENG 355: Children's Literature (on-line; 3 cred)
ENG 331: Brit Lit - Medieval/Renaissance(live; 3 cred)

i'm excited about the on-line classes; i've never taken one before and i'm hoping it goes well. it's ideal for me because now i only have 1 class each morning and i'm out in time to open the store at 11 instead of this semester's poopy 11:45, and i can do work for the on-line classes from the store.

i was feeling sorry for my tired self today in between classes as i was sitting in the hallway of the taylor building desperately trying to make a dent in frankenstein before class tomorrow. i went to bed late, woke up early, and was just struggling with the idea of being in the store all day after i was done with classes. i get in this pattern of thinking, see, where i'm all like, "everyone i know says they're stressed, but nobody understands how stressed i am, since i'm a full-time student AND business owner AND wife." and the pity party goes on and on.

well, today in the hallway, a friend from one of my classes walked up and said hi. we got to chatting and i learned a little more about her life: she's a full-time student, has a part-time job, 4 children all at home, her husband's a bishop, and her mom just had knee surgery and needs her help a lot of the time. that woman is BUSY. she definitely has more on her plate than i do.

i think sometimes it's important to get that SMACK in the face from above. i think it's the lord's way of saying, "enough of the pity party. you're fine."

and i am fine. i'm tired, but i'm fine.
and now i need to get off the internet and keep reading frankenstein.


  1. RIGHT as I was in the middle of typing this comment to you I got an email saying that you left a comment for me. Ha!

    Children's lit is such a great class. I'd go as far as to say it's stress relieving. And Bro Samuelson is one of my favorite professors, cracks me up all the time!

  2. you are so cute.
    online classes are sweet. I really liked them when I was up there. They don't offer them at BYU with regular tuition you have to pay for "INDEPENDENT STUDY" boooooooo
    I need to come visit this store of yours. love yaaa

  3. Great schedule (i'm surprised they offer OrgComm classes still, i thought they did away with that emphasis!?! I heard it was AWESOME... you'll have fun!)

    as for the ol' pity party, i don't think one person's party is more "pitiful" than someone else's-- sometimes we just NEED a good cry/scream/mopey day... it's healing!!!

    You're awesome and are doing such a great job at everything... hang in there!


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