love love LOVE

things i love this week:

- the warm weather! i opened our windows all afternoon yesterday and our apartment smelled so good. spring-y, if you will. fresh.

- my major! i'm working on a paper right now and i feel like it's going really well. we'll see what the professor thinks...although he didn't hate on it too much during classroom critiques, which gives me hope. i'm a little stuck right now (hence me blogging and not writing...woops), but i have confidence that it'll start flowing soon and these last 3-4 pages will be a piece of cake...piece of crumb cake.

-HUMORS! we have a show this coming weekend and i am SO excited. i'll post all the details soon so i can shamelessly beg everyone in rexburg who reads this to come, but the basics are: this friday night at the box on main street. it's going to be a lot of fun. plus, i'm slowly overcoming my stage fright, so, bonus in life.

-the cat stickers i put on envelopes headed to michelle (sister piazza) in london. i think they're hilarious and i know she gets a kick out of them.

-my neighbors!! i seriously love everyone that lives in this building, especially my two friends that always seem to find a couple minutes every now and then to stop by the store and see how i'm doing. it means more than they know and i am so grateful.

-the black bean brownies my interpersonal comm teacher taught us how to make. they're kind of fudgy, delicious, and don't taste anything like black beans...although they're healthier than brownie mix with oil and eggs added in! maybe i'll post the recipe soon, it's been a while since i've done a recipe post.

-jimmy johns. delicious sandwiches and within 10 minutes of ordering on-line, i had a sandwich in my hands at the store. amazing.

-my little store, and the unexpected friendships that form because of it.
OH and our new windows! a whole big fat post about the windows coming soon, because we've been working on those A TON lately and i'm proud of them.

-both of these items recently on modcloth...too bad they both sold out in like 20 minutes. now i'm obsessing about the flats, even though i PROMISED myself i would stop obsessing about clothes i can't have.
but how cute would those be with every single item of clothing i own?! so cute.

-david. always always always david and only david.


  1. those shoes are ADORABLE... fabulous, and OF COURSE they sold out in 20 seconds... all the good stuff there does! :)

    ok, so you got me curious about the brownies... if you're feeling generous, go ahead and post that little recipe on here whenever you want!!

    ps. i LOVED my public speaking/interpersonal/persuasion teacher (do you by chance have Bro. Dearden for any of your classes????) he's the absolute best!!!

  2. Brandilyn, how do you know Katy???? She was in our ward before we moved this last time and is one of the most awesome people I know!

  3. i wish i could come visit you at the store (and go tanning too)

  4. I think you should definitely post recipes! Brownies AND the vegan cake!


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