no place like it

we rearranged our apartment tonight!

main reason: i like change
minor reason: spring is upon us and we thought it'd be fun to have our table right in front of the window to better pretend we're eating dinner outside on our cute little country porch each night.

so, yep, we put the kitchen table right next to the window and flip-flopped the couch and t.v. stand. i like having the couch in the corner, it feels kind of cozy. and on the couch in this picture, you can see a few of my favorite things: my husband (he's not a thing, but he's a favorite), my computer, and my new purse from urban outfitters (what's up, 70% off!!).
we moved the bikes, previously housed next to the window, into the corner closest to the kitchen. they like to stand side by side like that. they told us. they belong together. you can also admire the ghetto-fabulous 60's geometric pattern linoleum residing on our kitchen floor.


  1. Cute apt! and your bikes are totally MFEO- made for each other.

  2. Gotta love that linoleum... ;)
    It does make your apartment feel so much bigger this way! *Do you have a like button for your blog?*

  3. Wow! I like it! I love that you broke out of the "norm" and "expected" and did your own thing. Who says that the dining room table can't be in the living room. Really? Your apartment looks like it has more room. More room for mother to visit. Right?


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