please shine down on me

i could not be happier that spring is showing its cute little face.

i am literally rejoicing. i want to buy a little tiny house with a cute backyard and eat dinner every night on a picnic table in the grass while my dogs run around! ok, it's not actually warm enough for that yet, but i'm starting to believe that it will actually get that warm someday soon. i mean, yesterday i walked to the bank in only a tee shirt instead of the usual bulky jacket, hat, scarf, and gloves.

i can't wait to get back on the schwinn my husband got me for our anniversary last year and ride around town. i want to sleep with the windows open and wear sandals every day. i'm excited for david to bust out his old man shorts that i love so much.

i'm also excited because the weather changing means i'm closer to the end of this semester...which will be awesome.


  1. amen and praise be!!!

  2. Oh crap! I forgot to ask Dad about the Cannondale for Dave. He wanted to pay $20 for it, right?


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