one time, my family was out of town...somewhere. i don't remember where. i do remember that we were in a middle-of-nowhere kind of town, and we decided to go eat at a little podunk restaurant. our group probably consisted of 6 or so diners. when we walked in, there were 2 or 3 other people dining in there, and after the waitress took our order, she walked up to the counter looking into the kitchen and said,
"we're getting slammed in here!"

i remember looking at my mom and giggling, because...well, there was hardly anyone in there eating!

i kind of feel that way today.
when i look at my life objectively, there's not too much going on today. it should be manageable. but somehow, i feel really overwhelmed. i feel slammed.

after our brief stint with that glorious, sunny weather (well, we were in the 40's--that's glorious for rexburg)... it snowed today.
kind of a lot.

it made me feel poopy.

plus, i have an 8-10 page paper due in english on friday. i'm about 6 1/2 pages in, which isn't too bad, and i still have a conclusion to write. so i'm doing ok.

it's just that my professor wasn't too impressed with the last paper i turned into him, which i was actually pretty proud of.

it made me cry....not joking.

so i really want this one to be better!
i feel pretty good about it, but...i felt good about the last one.
and the TA even felt good about the last one in my tutor session!

also, i didn't do any grocery shopping this week, so everything we have in the house is kind of random or never what i want.

overall, all of my issues are my own darned fault and i should probably just get over them and focus on the good things: i skipped d&c to have a great nap today and i'm actually not too tired right now...i saw some of my friends in the store today...there's some mocha almond fudge ice cream in the freezer calling my name....and I WON A GIVEAWAY yesterday (more details on that later) !!!! so i'm trying trying trying!

but seriously, if i don't get at LEAST a B+ on this paper, you will see a brandilyn's head shaped hole in my wall.
&i'm still stressing a little.


  1. OH Brandilyn you are the best writer I know! I am rooting for you! good luck.

  2. Keep an eye on my blog for a poem (currently in the workings) on this "being slammed" phenomenon. I'm sorry you're stressing! You're a great writer in my eyes, and I think you'll do great.

  3. Bahahaha!!! I so remember that restaurant. Since you and I had both been waitresses, we found this extremely hilarious! It was in southern Utah in that town that we almost bought that big hunkin ranch that had the radio-active creek running through it. After we we thought about it, we decided that we didn't want alien looking grand children so we backed out of the deal. Hmm. If I could only remember the name of that frickin one-horse town.

    Anyway, Princess, like Daddy always says, "this too shall pass". Try to have a 10-year perspective on things - What will this look like in 10 years. It will be a funny memory.

  4. HATE when English profs don't see the absolute genius in papers. . .it's a major blow to the ego.

    but alas, you are the author of a successful blog, so who's laughing now?


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