sweet tats

*please understand i mean no offense to my friends and readers more liberal than i...this post is just a reflection of the way i think, like the rest of this blog. :)*

word of advice:
don't get tattoos. just...don't.
because getting them removed is the most BLEEPING painful thing you will ever endure.
granted, i have yet to give birth, and word on the street is that's pretty painful.
i just don't want to have to explain to my kids { someday } why mom gets tattoos and they don't....
but lasering these suckers off is expensive, UGLY, and painful beyond anything you could imagine. ouch ouch ouch. i got in the car after my appointment today, called my mom, and burst into tears.
"they hurt me! and it was my own stupid fault!"

this picture doesn't even do it justice...for the first little while it was swollen into a huge lump and the inked areas were all white and bloody-gross looking.
&i'm not even showing you the picture of the white trash stamp chinese symbol behind my ear...because let's be honest, that one's just dumb.

i guess i'm just not one of those people who "has no regrets! tee hee!"
i have regrets. i was stupid. and worst of all, my mistakes were in the form of permanent damage to my body. uuugh. thanks for nothing, teenaged brandilyn. i'm just excited to be getting this over and done with.


  1. You are far more brave than I am. I HATE the one on my foot, and I'm afraid to get it removed, therefore its just a "hah well, when my brother and i were bored we decided i should get a tattoo, and well, thats the best we came up with" story. My others have meaning - so to me, thats worth it.

  2. Ouch- that sounds painful. You are a brave soul and you are right... we all have regrets and hate our teenage selves every once in a while. :)

    I secretly like tattoos on guys. Funny, huh? I would never want David to get one, but I've always thought they were kind of attractive!

  3. in a million-trillion-gabillion years i would have NEVER guessed you have a single tattoo!!!! i dunno, call it the impeccable way you are always dressed, your taste in everything fine and adorable AND the fact that you LOVE kittens (i don't know, i assume kitty lovers don't get tats???) hahah... all this is really supposed to be funny and satirical, but when i have to explain that it's satirical, something's wrong.

    anyway, good luck with your lasering.... does NOT sound fun... or look fun. i have regrets from teen years too.... just be thankful manslaughter isn't on our list (?)

  4. I'm proud of you for owning your stuff, my darling.

    However. . . what comes to mind is a day in San Diego with you walking around outside the condo we were staying at and me IN the condo and I was so steamin mad I could hardly stand it. I won't mention any more. At any rate, I always hoped this day would come.

    I love you.

  5. You're wayyyy too hard on yourself, Brandilyn. You're awesome for having the guts to go get that done, though. It sort of represents putting aside the old Brandilyn. But really really painfully. I'm proud of you, but don't beat yourself up!


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