well, i got to the store this morning and started doing all of my opening-up routines. unlocked and opened our gate, unlocked the door, didn't notice anything amiss...
until i started vacuuming. once i got up by the door, i noticed:
(please excuse my lovely reflection {my butt looks ginorm})

what the H? there's a MASSIVE crack in our door! how i didn't notice it sooner is beyond me. it looked to me like someone threw a rock at it, because there's no way you could punch a crack into thick glass like that without breaking your fist.

so i called the police, and a comfortingly massive officer came and checked it out. he thinks it was some kind of bebe or airsoft gun pellet or something. there wasn't much he could do other than say he'd take pictures and make a report in case something similar came up.

so, crap.
dave's not even here to tell me to stop wringing my hands and saying "what the crap?" over and over again.

but i have been texting my mom.
we think it's someone from the mafia out to get me.
or some college idiot guys goofing around.

***update***: the chiropractor downstairs said his daughter did it while she was trying to open the door...with her knee? i don't understand how that happened, but he's planning on replacing it so i guess that's all that matters.
i feel like it would have broken his daughter's knee though! that glass is SO hard!


  1. Ooohhh noooo!!!! Brandilyn! That's so awful! That makes me mad. I kind of don't mind too much when college/high school kids are young and stupid...we were ALL there, after all. But THIS is inexcusable no matter HOW old you are! If you're doing something like this on purpose, you shouldn't be, and if you did something like this on accident, you should leave contact info. Oh, kid, that's so crappy. I'm sorry. If it's the Mafia, I'll have Jacob take care of it. Don't you worry.

  2. "comfortingly massive officer."

    perfectly said!

  3. i should have warned you about the heinous crimes that the Rexburg Mafioso are committing these days... they're monsters and need to be stopped.

    so sorry about the door, that sucks big time!

  4. Let's look at this like it is: The mafia is after DOC, and he is covering it up by blaming his daughter. The mafia also goes through his mail and opens up anything not addressed to him.


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