woe, despair, and misery on me....

you guys, my flash drive crashed this week. like it deleted itself.
W T C (that's the mormon version of WTF. it stands for what the crap).
i managed to recover some important things, like the latest draft of my 10 page english paper that was due today. so, phew.

one thing i did not recover, though, was my journal. it was assigned at the beginning of the semester in interpersonal comm and we were to write in it every day. it counts for a pretty significant chunk of our end-of-semester portfolio. and mine rocked.
every day had a fun font...and some days had little pictures next to them of something from that day. i put thought into my entries every day, too!


once i realized what happened, i started sobbing.
and david said, "honey, let's just calm down for a minute."
and i started yelling back at him, "CALM DOWN?! i can't fix this! this sucks! i hate my life!" except for i was doing this high-pitched squeak-talking that happens when i'm crying. i'm sure he didn't understand a word i said.

so i talked to my teacher today, and he suggested i go to the campus computer help desk and see what kind of data recovery voodoo they could do on my flash drive.
so the guys starts retrieving old pictures, papers from 1 or 2 semesters ago, things that have been deleted from the drive for a LONG TIME. and he says, "a word doc called journal? here it is!" i nearly hugged him!!

and then i looked at the doc he'd pulled up. complete weird symbols and mumbo jumbo.
"um....can you turn that into english text? you can do that, right? please?"
"nope. this is it. it's pretty much gone."

and then i went to the testing center and failed an interpersonal test that i thought would be a piece of cake.
my morning royally sucked.

ok, so...fast forward to this afternoon.
do you remember these shoes from this post?
well, they were out of stock...until i got an email from modcloth today telling me they'd restocked them. it was a sign from the heavens that the shoes i loved would be restocked on a day that sucked so bad.
so i blew the remainder of my march budgeted clothing allowance on them (normally i would have made those funds work for a lot more than 1 pair of shoes, but how often do you get a sign from the heavens?!). i feel pretty good about it, too!

hey, shoes. i think you are beautiful. you are my favorite color. i can't wait to hold you in my arms and wear you with everything i own.

then, i made an appointment with val for monday to do this to my hair:
well, the color, not the length. i only wish my hair would grow that long.
and maybe we'll put a little bit more blonde in there.
but i've been staring at this picture all morning and i'm fascinated by the color of her hair!
i didn't know if red would be weird since david has an ex with red hair, but seriously, i'm (at a minimum) 50x hotter than her. so i think we're cool.

your thoughts?

so, in conclusion, i have turned my frown upside down.
and p.s....david looks pretty handsome today. bonus!
(well, he's handsome every day, so it's always a bonus. lucky me :)


  1. i'm really sorry to hear about your flashdrive! my hard drive did this to me too...twice...and once right before a big presentation that was basically meant to justify why the university was paying me to do research all summer.
    so, while flashdrives (and hard drives) are great and all, I would recommend also using google docs on top of your flashdrive. Its a safe way to upload your word/jpeg/etc files onto your doc account (associate with your gmail account), and then all of your stuff is saved online. not only will it not delete itself, but you can also access if from any computer with the internet, any time.

    just a thought! good luck with the rest of your semester!

  2. THANK YOU for the tip!! i will definitely start using that! really, i appreciate it so much. :)

  3. What a nightmare day. Holy cow. I HATE days like that. AND since I am a new mommy I have max 5 hours of sleep (on a good day) underneath my belt, days like that ruin me. Hang in there. I have noticed though that teachers at this school are pretty quick to give a little mercy and help out when a crisis happens.

    Just say, Sorry, I'm pregnant and my hormones are wack. They'll forgive...lol.

  4. O, didn't comment about the hair. PS i want that hair. Love the color! You'll look bomb.com with it!!! And yes...I haven't seen David's ex...but I'm sure your 100000000 (infinity!) times hotter than her!

    And I want those shoes. where can I get them!


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