i feel like at the end of every semester, my blog turns into "holy crap i'm so tired/overwhelmed/excited to get to { insert location anywhere outside of rexburg }!"

but seriously...i am so tired. pretty overwhelmed. and very excited to go to california.

today included:
- waking up late/wearing extremely mismatched clothes
(navy striped tee + purple&orange sneakers)
- my last public speaking class (where i got an award for being the 'most genuine'...odd since i'm usually 'most sarcastic.' i'll take it though!)

- my last d&c class
(where the guy that sits next to me opened up a fresh pint of ben&jerry's and ate the WHOLE things in the first hour of class...no lie)
- grilled cheese for lunch (+ 5 precious david minutes in between school&work)
- 3 new shipments to input...obsessing about a dress we got in...i want...i
- busy busy day at the store...constant tanning bed cleaning/ringing people up (no complaints there!)

- taking my d&c final somewhere in there

- doing a write-up for english somewhere in there
- some much-needed and welcome distractions in the form of my FAVORITE store visitors (stacy & carrie)

- more cleaning tanning beds...a few rude people...
- coming upstairs to hurry and get dinner ready and the house picked up for david's arrival home from work

well, david got home from work and when we sat down to eat dinner, i had the thought... "i think this is the first time i've sat down all day!"
end of the semester, i could not be happier to see you.

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