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(michelle & i at work in our water truck circa 2007; sexy hot when we've been up since 4am)

getting married is an odd thing as far as your friendships go.
all of a sudden, it's kind of weird to hang out at the single student housing, but you don't know that many married people. it was an awkward transition for me...wait, scratch that, it's still awkward for me. i never considered myself to be someone who had a hard time making friends, but i guess i kind of do struggle in the area! i am so grateful for the friends i have. they are not great in number, but they are the best. seriously, i feel bad for people who don't have the same friends as i do because mine are just the greatest.

i think everyone has a best best friend though. do you know who i mean? i'm sure you have one. it's the one friend unlike all your other friends. you can have lots of close friends, or even a few who you consider 'best friends,' but that's different from a best best friend. things don't change with your best best friend, even if you get married and she moves to london for 18 months.

my best best friend is michelle. i've talked about her on here before. she's been my beeeest friend since the summer before my freshman year of high school. right now, she's on a mission for our church in london. she's coming up on her 'mission birthday,' or the one-year mark since she left, so i put together a little package for her...cause i love her so much. and i miss her every single day. her package included the necklace in the picture on the left, because she likes vintage eyewear. it also has practical things like flat socks and a layering top, as well as some silly things, like a chocolate duck and pictures i think would make her laugh. i had fun making a package for michelle.

it's been weird to only communicate through letters, but so fun to get mail from her! text messaging and phone calls and emails were great because of the instant gratification, but it's neat to exchange letters in our own handwriting that we actually had to take time out of our day, sit down, and write. i also enjoy telling her about all the hilarious things i do that no one but her would appreciate.

so, that's my story about the package i sent to michelle.
please don't judge me for looking like a 12 year old in the picture above...i was getting ready for bed.
besides, no matter what you think, the fact that i'm wearing my husband's 'ironman boise' tee shirt makes me hard core :)

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  1. My best best friend is serving a mission a Greece and I can totally relate about the hand written letters, this time apart has just made our friendship that much more special to each of us. When she first left I was practically traumatized, not being able to call her when certain things happened (that only she would find funny) etc, but now I look forward to sharing them with her through our letters and I love that I can still 'hear' her voice in her writing.

    Thanks for the idea about a gift package for the one year mark! :)


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