california girls

life is still good in liv'mo! (that would be livermore...the town i grew up in...where we are this week)
- my parents, dave, and i went on a date last night. we saw a movie and got thai food at lemon grass. freaking delicious.
- my mom, brother, and i drove to oakland this morning to pick up my little brother's girlfriend from the airport
- we stopped and got soy hot chocolate on the way (yumm)

- today, david is seeing my mom's miracle chiropractor (or "gypsy doctor" as he keeps calling him) for his bum knee
- we're visiting one of my oldest friends, nienie (YAY!)

- and going on a field trip to whole foods

- then david and i are going out to dinner with rachey tonight

- my mom's going to zone my feet (and hopefully zone away my chest wall pain?)

- we're enjoying weather in the 60's

- i'm taking every opportunity to play and cuddle with the cats
- planning a family dinner for saturday night, when i'll get to see my sassy little niece
- and we're all trying to avoid being stressed out by my brother, who's very high-energy.

no complaints here!


  1. What a great visit! I was just in Alameda with my mom and stepdad this past weekend, but only for a few days for a wedding shopping BLITZ, and it was more exhausting than anything else. But I still love the Bay Area. Say hello to it for me!

  2. sounds like you are having a great week!


  3. How long are you here? I would love to see you even if its for a couple of minutes!


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