well, i'm just so freakin' excited for this post.
you see, today i am kicking off my little blog's first-ever GIVEAWAY!
my reasons for this event are threefold:
1.) i do giveaways weekly on the store's blog and have so much fun with them,
2.) i'm celebrating the recent re-naming of my little spot here on the interweb, &
3.) i like giving gifts, and i LOVE the stuff i decided to giveaway! BAM!
the stuff i'm giving away:
1. a headband. i call them "belize headbands" because when my mom went to belize, she sent me one. i loved it so much, i hunted them down for the store! you can see me sporting mine in my pic on the side of this blog, or in this post here.
2. a journal/notebook. as an english major (well, as a person), i love NOTHING more than a blank journal. i decorated this one myself especially for the winner! i also like birds and bright colors. this journal has blank, un-lined pages, so if you're an artist you can draw all sorts of fancy things. or, if you're a writer like me, you can write ideas going in all different directions and not feel bad about messing up lined pages!
3. orange nail polish. because i painted my toenails this color last week and i'm loving it for spring.
4. &...ferrero rocher candies. when david and i were first married (& before his lactose intolerance got ridiculous), someone gave us a package of these as a wedding gift. on nights i would make dinner and set the table, i would set one of these on our napkins above our forks. for some reason we found it hilarious and felt soo fancy eating our candies after dinner. i love these little guys.
so, it's not much, but it's things i love and i'm excited to host this giveaway on here...and can you believe there is not a single thing with a kitten on it?! i know, i know. i refrained.
ok, so entering the giveaway...it's basically going to be broken down the same way i do store blog giveaways. there will be 3 entries available to each reader:
1.) be a follower of cats & cardigans and leave 1 comment on this post...
2.) mention & link to this giveaway in a post on your own blog & leave 1 comment (separate from the first one!) on this post with a link to your blog post...
3.) tweet OR do a facebook status update with a link to the giveaway & leave 1 comment (separate from the first two comments!) on this post with a link to the tweet or update.
simple as that!
the giveaway will be open for entries until midnight on friday, and i'll announce the winner on saturday morning. naturally, i'm happy to ship to those of you lucky enough to be living outside of rexburg, idaho!
good luck! i'm really excited :)


  1. I told you that I creepily follow your blog - I actually read it a few times a day when I feel the need to bring back memories and it makes me feel that we can catch up even though you're far away!

  2. I just updated my facebook status here: http://www.facebook.com/marinewife2289

  3. http://mrshenshaw.blogspot.com/2010/04/check-out-brandilyns-new-giveaway-on.html

  4. I'd enter but that wouldn't be fair since I'm yo momma and I get what I want anyway. Right? Good luck to everyone, though!

  5. I love you bran!! and miss you like crazy. (OH and i also loved the ferrero rochero when you sent them for my b-day SO i was pretty excited about this give-away)


  6. I won the Panache giveaway last week, but I'm still entering bc I support Cats & Cardigans!

  7. Hey! Allyson wants to throw her name in for the giveaway. Hope you guys are doing well!


  8. I really like the new name of your blog!!!!

    Yay for giveaways!!!! I think I want to do a giveaway too. I'll send you an invitation to my blog :)

  9. Twitted!!!!


  10. Brandilyn! I love your blog's new name!! Way cute & unique!! :) Congratulations on your blog's first giveaway and thanks for such fun stuff!! I'm hoping I get lucky :)

  11. Twittered!

  12. I love the candies thats our favorite and i'm a follower

  13. It's on the blog too!

  14. Why have I not entered this yet? Haha! Follower!

  15. Tweeted! That headband is so slammin

  16. Aaaad I mentioned it in my blog post about sunshine, because this giveaway makes me HAPPY!http://adventuresofscottandcarrie.blogspot.com/2010/04/snow-doesnt-give-soft-white-damn-whom.html


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