i am grateful for a husband who drove to pocatello tonight with the humors and watched our show, even though it's so not his thing. i'm grateful he came and laughed and clapped and drove.

i'm grateful that david has seen every single side of me, including the worst ones, and loves me anyways.

he's seen me gorgeous on our wedding day but also puking my guts out all night long. he knows the compassionate and creative sides of me, but also the spoiled and stubborn sides. he's seen me be both incredibly hard-working and embarrassingly lazy. he pushes me to be better and accepts me exactly as i am. david is both my polar opposite and my soul mate and i thank my lucky stars each and every day that we found each other.

&most of all...i just can't believe he stays with me despite my insistence on wearing kitten shirts so often...like today:
well, hopefully i didn't make you puke on your keyboard in disgust at how cheesy i am. & hopefully there's never even a tiny bit of doubt that i am head over heels in love with the sexy man sitting next to me on the couch right now.

p.s. the giveaway ends in a half hour...did you enter?!


  1. I didn't enter cuz i'm too busy barfing my guts out, lol. Nah. I'm happy my Oboe Joboe is happy and crazy in love.




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