exactly one month after i married david, i cut all of my hair off. no exaggeration...all of it. like a pixie cut, except the word 'pixie' implies a cute hair cut, and mine was mostly just manly. it's been a year and a half and i've been trying to grow it out, except every time it gets to one of those annoying in-between stages i cut it back into a little a-line bob. i don't think the bob looks bad on me (despite the fact that i got dumped in high school once for cutting my hair off), but i want it LONG, dangit! and by long i mean past my shoulders. that's all.

so, here's what i've been doing:
garnier fructis' length & strength conditioner...
brushing my hair out with a wide-tooth comb when it's wet...(someone on-line said that helps?)

and moroccan oil, the miracle stuff. i'm obsessed with moroccan oil...it makes my hair smell like i just got back from vacationing somewhere beautiful.
also, i've been taking prenatal and iron pills. and hanging upside down for 30 seconds a day (i read on-line that works. i'm not sure i believe it, but it's only 30 seconds, so...i don't care if it's a hoax).

does anyone have any super tips??


  1. Advice: Just don't die. It will grow :)

  2. i think almost EVERY girl who gets married cuts her hair after the first month... i know i did too!!

    as for any tips-- book yourself a scalp massage at Paul Mitchell (only $6 for an hour of bliss)... this is supposed to "stimulate the hair whatevers to get them to grow faster"

    I don't know.... if it works or not, it's a SCALP MASSAGE!!!!

  3. I have heard that the brand mane and tail [normally used on horses, i guess?] works really well for your hair to grow. personally, i've never tried it, but they do sell it at Sally's Beauty by target so its gotta work for some.

    Shampoo every other day only. [rinse and condition daily though]

  4. B vitamins are also good for hair growth, too! B complex supplements are your best bet. Circulation is also one of the best things for healthy and fast-growing hair, so after you're upside down for those 30 seconds, give yourself a good scalp massage.

  5. You can take a whole lotta folic acid each day...the higher the dose the quicker it works. Doc's had me take 4 800mcg tablets per day (make sure the dose you have is mcg...don't take over 4mg).

  6. Wow, the things we go through as women! Really, Princess, the bottom line is that you ARE my daughter and it's just not in your genes. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Furthermore, I'm intrigued by the Moroccan oil. Where did you score that? It sounds pretty exotic to me! As for supplements, well . . . I'm so against them in any way, shape or form. They are so bad for the body and anyone anywhere can challenge me on that one and I'll give them a run for their money! Bottom line . . . David and I love you the way you are and you are one of the most beautiful people on this planet. Inside and out!

  7. well you've seen how my hair grows like a weed right? its cause i use the length and strength like you got and i dont brush my hair!! when i get out of the shower i let my hair sit wrapped in the towel until its damp, then i put garnier xxx volume mousse to protect it a bit (and to make it nice and textured and thick) and run that through with my fingers. i comb my hair the rest of the way with my fingers and only use a comb if theres a major snarl. this way, none of your hair is pulled out. (and i dont blow dry mine either!) the main thing is just to protect it so it can do its thing!

  8. Hi!! This is not spam I promise.

    Anyways, I follow your blog and I notice you use Garnier Shampoo. I got an email that this shampoo is not as good as it seems. I blogged about it.

    Check it out:


    Do your research cuz I'm not sure how accurate it is!


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