happy colors

heads up: this post is a mish mash of the things that have happened lately...

i know i've talked on here before about my quest to be less of a doormat...well, today i did a good thing in that quest!! maybe someday i'll post a series of stories about situations where i've had to step up and 'grow a pair'...but all i'll say today is that i'm proud of myself. even though i get SO shaky, and i turn red, and my voice quivers...i'm doing better! and i'm very grateful that carrie and megan were here at the store to cheer me on. :)
sometimes it's scary to be a grown-up.

on a completely unrelated note, since i got a new computer (for valentine's day!), i've been trying really hard to keep it shiny and fancy-looking. my last computer was, well...trashed. it had stickers and a peeling case and was just not that pretty. i've vowed to do better with this one! with that in mind, i started a hunt for a laptop skin. the cheapest ones i could find initially were in the $25-$30 range, and let's just be honest...that's not exactly cheap for what is essentially a big sticker. enter my bargain-hunting husband, who found this one for me on eBay for a mere $7! and it's full of colors that make me happy (or "brandilyn colors," as i've heard them referred to as lately). go dave!
and speaking of "brandilyn colors," my next-door neighbor friend stacy brought me these mugs today! she's an expert potter and makes all sorts of cool things. i'm so SO excited about them...i'm in love with the colors. thank you stacy!!

tonight is dedicated to preparations for our road trip to california tomorrow. we're getting a 4-wheel alignment on the escape, cleaning the house, packing...all that good stuff. i love the feeling of anticipation i get before a trip; i can't wait to see my family (AND MY CAT ), to be in warm livermore, to eat at all my favorite places (in n out, donut wheel)...just to be out of rexburg for a week.

i'm also excited for next semester! i got the reading list for my children's lit class and it includes the giver (!!) and from the mixed-up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler. i LOVED those books as a kid and i can't wait to revisit them.

i often think that tanning customers are the rudest people ever. and you'd think they would be nice to the person responsible for sanitizing a bed they're going to lying NAKED in! aside from a few choice meanies though, i really do love the people i get to interact with at work. they have excellent taste in clothing ;)

well...i guess that's all! sorry my mind's all over the place today.
i hope you are enjoying warm weather wherever you are!! see you soon :)

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  1. love the update.
    and i laughed outloud at the naked tanning body idea hahahahaha.
    have fun in california. give my love to dave (in a non weird way)


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