i'm the big weiner!

a few days ago, i got the BEST surprise in the mail!
see, i won a giveaway over at LaceyBlog a few weeks ago (because i was obsessed and stalked the comments--LOL), and the prize was an adorable necklace made by julie the fish.
i got to choose what i wanted stamped on my necklace, so i naturally did a B, a ♥, and a D (because i'm brandilyn and i heart david). i'm in love with it.
it's dainty and pretty and subtle and very cute!
i know the picture i took doesn't show very much detail (the webcam on my new computer is a little funny), but i think you get the idea...and definitely check out julie's shop! she makes so many fun and personalized things, they'd be perfect for mother's day (may 9! coming soon!).

THANK YOU, lacey and julie!
i love my new necklace :)


  1. oh its so cute i love it!


  2. It came out cute! I love what you chose! Perfection :)

  3. Wow, princess! I really like that.

  4. Looks great! So happy I could create it for you! :)


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