i'm standing here, outside your door

my last few days in california have been filled with some of my favorite things...
my mom zoned my feet
i donated blood with my daddy and david
went on a double date with my parents
fell asleep while watching a movie
took a yoga class this morning
went to trader joe's
made a big family dinner with my momma
sat out in the sunny backyard with all (7!) of my siblings, our significant others, my niece, and parents...bliss.
snuggled with marley
went shopping with rach (f21 AND h&m)
ate at in n out
and now, i'm packing. boots is helping.
i keep getting emotional. i'm excited to go back to rexburg; this new semester is going to be great. my bff shpitty's back in the 'burg, the humors have some exciting stuff lined up, and the store's doing amazing. leaving my family and california is always hard though.

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