jiggity jig

things i have found in california:
(i know i mentioned like 1/2 of these things in the last post but i'm just so happy to be home, i'm saying it all again!)
- my family. today jake spilled a cup of water and just kept saying, "oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no...oh no!" and my mom was like "jake. look at me. jake. it's water. calm down." and he just kept going, "oh no, oh no!"
- homemade vegan lasagna, chocolate macadamia clusters, salsa, and veggie burgers as well as home-distilled water. seriously, my family eats good! and the sourdough bread...oooh the sourdough bread.
- the fireplace. aah...the fireplace. the cats stretch out as long as they can get and point their bellies toward the warmth and it makes the whole house smell so good. although it did burn david's arm today...but that's what he gets for playing with fire...
- yoga class. as much as it hurt today, i know i'll be feeling
good by the end of the week.
- the cats. marley's warming up to me and sometimes follows me around and rubs the top of his head against the bottom of my chin. he's so handsome and sleek and adorable!
- the rain. it's been pouring down rain ever since we arrived and i'm loving it because it's not even cold rain. it sounds so nice on the windows.
- people magazine. my mom subscribes. it's awesome.
- TARGET! the mother ship.
- cooking and driving around with my mom. talking and laughing and joking and catching up.
- the washer, dryer, dishwasher, and soft toilet paper. aah...luxuries.


  1. now its time for school to be over and for you to move the store to livermore ;]

  2. Haha! Reading the part about the fireplace made me laugh because it sounded like it was the cats stretching out in front of it that made the house smell good. And all could do was wonder what kind of smell a cat and fireplace would make. Then I read it again.

    Also: love people magazine.

  3. ok i know dave is lactose intolerant but i am obsessed with GOLDEN SPOON that is like the first thing i think about when i think CALIFORNIA. besides the beautiful weather, palm trees, excellent shopping and beaches.

  4. California is better with you in it, my dear. I'm having such a great week with you here even though I'm fighting with this stupid little cold.


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