let's get a silver bullet trailer

things i'm thinking today:

-about my little store: we rearranged the crap out of it the other night. the counter's now on the other side of the store and racks are all in different places. we stayed down there late into the night and it reminded me of the month before we opened, when david and i were no strangers to nights spent painting until 2 or 3 in the morning. i'm happy with how the store looks now, and i can see outside! bonus (when it stops snowing)!

-this picture makes me laugh (found here)...mostly because the cat looks so creepy. i love creepy cats! plus, my birthday's in 2 months and i just know david's planning on surprising me with a kitten (right, dave?..... right?.... ::crickets:: ...anyone?)

- i'm so. close. to being done with this semester. wednesday's my last day...that's only 3 school days...i turned in my frankenstein paper on friday (HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF), my interpersonal cumulative project on wednesday, gave my final speech in public speaking...yep, i'm just about done. and then i get one glorious week in california before i have to come back and do it all over again. &speaking of doing it all over again, my tattoos are just about healed up from the last time, and i'll be heading back to do that again, too. uugh.

-and one final negative thing...to make a long story short, i have chest wall pain. have for the last couple months. i finally went to the doctor again and they prescribed some stuff that seemed to be working...until today. i'm not sure what to do now, cause i hurt.

-one final positive thing: we had a fun easter! we spent the day lounging around and watching conference, then had a fun dinner with some really good friends. i feel refreshed and ready for this upcoming week! plus my husband's tinkering with his cell phone right now, and the way he talks/sings to himself is really funny :)


  1. That quote about that cat is hilarious.

    Sorry about your pains! Get that taken care of asap girl.

    And wasn't GC amazing? Oh my I seriousllllllyyyyy needed all of those talks. I Loved it!

  2. ha! that cat pic is too funny!

    hang in there... chest pain, tattoo pain, school pain... just hang in there!!!


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