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since i posted about growing my hair out and all the products/tricks involved in that, i've been thinking about the other products i do use. compared to a lot of people, i think i'm pretty low maintenance and i'm definitely not an expert by any means, but i really love/believe in the stuff i've found through lots of trail-and-error. so if you care at all, here they are!
(from the top left going row-by-row):
1. L'Oreal Linear Intense Felt-Tip Eyeliner - i wear eyeliner almost every day and this is by far my favorite liquid one so far. it's super clean and stays crisp-looking all day. i bought a similar product at sephora for double the price and it lasted for about 2 applications before the entire bottle was crap. pissed me off. i can get this one at wal mart and it's lasted quite a while.
2. Moroccan Oil - i mentioned this one in the hair post i did, but i thought it deserved a second mention because i LOVE it.
3. Baby Shampoo - nope, not for my hair...i use it to remove eye make-up at the end of the day! it works great and as you know, it's tear free. so it's awesome. and i love the smell :) thanks to brookie for the tip on that one!
4. Maybeline Define-A-Lash Mascara - it's good mascara. 'nuff said.
5. Bare Essentuals bareMineral Original SPF15 Foundation - this is the only thing i use on my face. it's great as a cover up and it has SPF, which is important to me. it's also super lightweight and doesn't look at all cake-y.
6. Baby Oil - i put baby oil on my legs and arms at the end of my shower and then do a light rinse right before i get out; it makes my skin super soft (and not at all greasy like you might think). another product recommended by brooke.
7. Butterfly Express Lavender Oil - i put lavender on any and all hang nails, cuts, scrapes, burns (ahem, lasered tattoos)...everything that hurts even a little. it usually heals it up within a day or two; it's a miracle oil!
8. Olay Ultra Moisture - idaho = gross, dry skin. this is my favorite soap ever. and it smells awesome.
9. CoverGirl's Cafe Au Lait eyeshadow - this is pretty much the only eye shadow i use...as boring as that may sound/look. i think i've been using it ever since i started wearing make-up (so, 8? 9? years) and it's just my favorite. it's classic.

so, there you have it! what products can you not live without??


  1. As much as I hate Mary Kay consultants, I think I'm stuck with their foundation for life.

  2. Can't live without:
    Maybelline's Volume Express Mascara. And no matter what number they claim the length to be (5X the volume! 7X the volume! 9X THE VOLUME!) it's really all the same and basically a great mascara . . . brush! That's the secret to mascara, I say. It's all in the brush . . .

    Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. This stuff fluctuates in and out of popularity, but I'll always love it.

    Bed Head Manipulator. Just a pinch of this awesome goopy stuff sets my hair for the whole day.

    There's more, but I'm practically writing a blog entry in your comments . . .

  3. I love maybelline skyhigh curve mascara. but i dont even know what brand it is so now that im thinking about it maybe its covergirl. i have not worn makeup in like a month.


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