manic monday

today was the last monday of this winter semester.
i was thinking about that as i got ready this morning...
thinking about the routine we do every day.
i wake up first, shower (or don't shower, whatever), and sprint around the apartment changing my outfit about 5 times before settling on my jeans-boots/flats-tee shirt-cardigan uniform.
david sleeps in until about 5 minutes before we have to leave, but then he gets up and makes me a quick breakfast. today it was sourdough toast and a pear. some mornings it's a fiber one muffin (the banana chocolate ones are soo good) and fruit water.
he always leaves my breakfast on the counter or kitchen table, and then heads downstairs to the car 3 or 4 minutes ahead of me.
then he does this:
he scrapes all the snow off the car and gets it heated up just for me, so when i sprint out of the apartment with my breakfast in hand, the car's all ready to go (and yes, this picture was taken THIS morning. april 5, 2010, was a snowy mess in our neck of the woods).
it is my firm belief that there is nothing bigger than the little things

and dang, my husband is good at those little things.

he takes care of me :)


  1. Beautiful.

    The snow is NOT beautiful. But your marriage is beautiful. And it inspires me. =)

  2. how sweet :D




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