move it

yesterday, a lady walked into the store and somehow didn't see a clothing rack.
this particular rack is silver, has clothes hanging on it, and is in the middle of the floor.
she somehow poked her eye on it, and said,
"you should really move these things so that doesn't happen to people."
i honestly don't know where i could move it to help her.

other happenings:

i've started hitting the gym again & david's driving his motorcycle everywhere.
classes have begun and we're back to being busy as ever.
&i guess that's it...


  1. I'm laughing so hard right now and just wanted you to know... because I really don't have much else to say.

  2. Haha! Where do these people come from? And how do they manage on their own in the big, scary real world?

  3. lol what in the world that is so funny!

    yay for going to the gym


  4. Wtf??? Who puts racks of clothes in the middle of the store in a clothing store anyway?

  5. Ha! I think I might have been there when that happened. How ridiculous!

  6. Cracking up. What a weirdo. Some people... customer service is never easy... xoxo katie


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