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we're about a week away from our 18 month anniversary of opening panache, and i was getting a little nostalgic this morning as i was opening up. it's changed so much in the last year and a half...

opening day: we started with just a few items from shade on our front wall and a whoooole lotta crap from the old owner
today: we have stuff from over 10 different suppliers, including a few choice handmade things from local vendors, with new shipments coming in each week (sometimes more!)

opening day: the walls of our front display windows were covered in carpet (?!) and the mannequins that came with the store were leaning, cracked, pathetic old things
today: we have hand-painted (by me!) swirlies, tissue balls, a kick-a chandelier, & new mannequins

opening day: we had taken the walls from canary yellow and coral pink with * lovely * purple ceilings and barn red dressing room doors (yes, it really was that bad)...to all white. after that big hot mess of color, we just wanted something...consistent. plain, even. and it sort of looked like an asylum, but it was certainly classier than the alternative
today: the walls are still white, but we've also got some grey and lime green accents, a couple chalkboard-painted spots, and our framed black-and-white posters. it's gained a lil' personality! :)

opening day: i was doing all of our sales the slow way; hand-writing out receipts, adding up totals + tax on my calculator, using a garage sale cash box, and trying to manage 1,000 pieces of paper to keep track of physical inventory
today: we have our (wonderful, life-saving, gorgeous) point of sale software on the store laptop, a receipt printer, a scanner (that i rarely use; sorry david), & a legit cash box

i've changed, too! i don't start crying every time a customer yells at me because i won't return a skirt they'd worn and washed (yes, that happened once) and i don't take it personally when teenagers trash my dressing rooms. i'm getting better (i think!) at picking out clothes for a variety of different people and i've learned a bit about fabrics so i can try not to order cheap-looking clothes. david and i are better at working as a team to make decisions on what to do and how to run our shop. it's been such a source of personal growth for me...not many people jump into owning a clothing store only a month into their marriage (and at 19 years old), and i think i've grown up in different ways because of it.

i can't wait to see the upcoming twists and turns this adventure will take us on!

i often feel like i talk about our little store in the same way that some people talk about their children. i 'ooh and ahh' over the changes, i bring photos of it when i see family out of town...shoot, i even have to find baby-sitters when i want to go away for an afternoon or vacation (ONE MILLION THANK YOUS to the store's various 'baby sitters': Stacy, Carrie, Chan, Brookie...holy crap, you guys rock)

i probably write posts about how much i love my store only slightly less often than i write posts about how much i love my husband...it's such a big part of my life and of who i am, though. i spend all day every day here. so since this is a blog about, well, me... i guess you're bound to hear about panache things from time to time :)

** i had a question in the comments about how we got started. for the full story, click here -- i posted it on the store's blog a while back :) **


  1. I love this! You are a wonderful mother to your baby. :)

    I really admire you and Dave for being such great business owners. I'm sure I would probably break down daily over the stress. It's awesome how far your store has come. Panache= the next Anthropologie! :)

    When are you going to California next? We'll be there for the end of April and part of May.

  2. I'm always SUPER impressed when I read about your store, especially since I'm so scattered that feeding my cat is hard enough to remember. And you guys did it so young!! I'm curious though, what sparked the idea? And how did you guys come across that store in take over? (if you feel like sharing :) )

  3. Princess, I always say it, and I always mean it, YOU ROCK! I'm proud of you. The store is awesome and you have made Dad and I proud.

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