my last post about our trip to CA..pictures! they're in reverse order because i'm a retarded uploader and i'm too lazy to delete it and start over. enjoyyy.
we stopped at some geological outlook on our way back to rexburg. pretty cool.
the house i grew up in! i love being home. this is looking at the house from the backyard.
my mom's chickens. i really like this picture for some reason.
on saturday afternoon, my older brother and sister came up with their families. we sat in the sun in the backyard and had chips and homemade salsa and enjoyed one another before diving into a delicious taco meal. it was a perfect day.
me and my baby marley
my cute husband and i out to eat thai food (at lemongrass, if you're ever in livermore...it's good!) on a date with my parents.
our first day in CA...i'm pretty white.

there you have it! we're back in rexburg now, running errands and getting ready for the semester to start tomorrow.

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  1. I really love your hair in the last picture!!


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