taryn + brandilyn = bff

for my children's lit class, i was required to get a bunch of different children's books.
one of them is called 'children just like me.' have you heard of it?
well, i just got it today. it's a picture book and each page has a child from a different region of the world and it talks about what their lives are like; their favorite foods, where the go to school, what they do for fun, etc.
the little girl from illinois in the unites states is named taryn and i almost peed my pants (actually, i'm wearing a skirt today) when i saw her:


the whole page is covered in pictures of the cats that live on her family's farm. she says they're her "favorite thing in the whole world." she also said that she wears her hair in this stylish bowl-cut/ponytail every day, but that she's trying to grow it long so that she can "pull it up really high." her favorite food is pasta with butter. and if she could have anything in the world, she would have a million dollars to "spend on clothes at the store."

me, too, taryn. me too.

p.s. happy earth day, everyone...i hope you love the earth EVERY day though.



  1. When was this book written!? I think this entry for the U.S. discounts every other region's entry.

    I also think Taryn might be a transvestite.

  2. Oh my gosh! That is so awesome. YOu should seriously consider selling Taryn's pants in Panache.


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