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there are so many good things about the little tiny college town i live in.

we're just 15 minutes away from fantastic snowboarding in the winter. it's home to byu-idaho, the university i love and will graduate from in a year or so. we have the cocoa bean (best cupcakes ever), mill hollow (best sandwiches ever), and duh...panache (best EVERYTHING ever).  one time, my bff shpitty lost her big fat iPod and someone plugged it into their computer, looked up her email address, and got in touch with her to return it; those are the kind of people that live here. rexburg has adorable little main street apartments with hard wood floors and temple views that only cost us $400/month to rent. you can't beat the summers here either; they're gorgeous and perfect for dresses and picnics and evening walks and open windows. it's a 5-minute drive to get anywhere in town.
i do love rexburg. i am grateful to be here.
i'm not one of the girls that moves here from california to come to school and sits around and complains about how boring and hick this town is and how much i hate it, i'm really not! i'm one of those girls that moved here to come to school from california and met the dreamiest boy ever. we dated and fell in love and have been newlyweds in rexburg, and we LOVE it. we even looked at real estate here for a while!
i do not hate rexburg.

but today...today is may 6.
and it snowed all night last night...and it's still coming down.
and that made me a little angry at rexburg today, and a little excited to move somewhere warmer soon.


  1. I love this. you make me smile. California misses you.

  2. I think you should be grateful for the moisture..even if its frozen.

  3. I disagree with Anonymous. I think its time for sunshine in your life. Sunshine makes you happy and everyone needs to be happy. Also, you guys get enough moisture so I think enough is enough. Time to move onto the spring weather. Ahem, especially like next weekend when "you know who" will be arriving.

  4. I disagree with “Jode” on this matter. I checked online and Idaho would not be able to survive without its agriculture community and they need that water. According to this article, the WATER table is decreasing http://pubs.usgs.gov/sir/2007/5258/section2.html.

  5. Haha, Anonymous (love the name btw!), it wasn't really a blog post about Idaho's agricultural situation...it was a lighthearted post about me wishing for sunshine. i don't think i was being ungrateful! thanks for reading, though :)

  6. I second pretty much everything you said in this post.
    And I hate it when people pray and say they are grateful for the "moisture".
    If it's snow call it snow. If it's rain call it...I don't know, precipitation.


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