a bath for notebook

this morning, i woke up on time (go me!) and was gathering all the stuff that i'd need for grammar class into my (amazingly cute Lucky) bag. one of the items i needed was my yellow notebook.
now, i use this notebook for everything this semester. it's got 3 sections. the first is devoted to my to-do lists; each week gets a page and i gain great satisfaction from checking items off and seeing neat rows of checks come saturday. the second two sections are for my two live (as opposed to on-line) classes, and i take notes in them. all of my notes. from every day of class. very important.
so, today, i reach into my backpack to grab my everything notebook.
and realized i'd left my water bottle in the backpack.
and the top wasn't pushed down all the way.
so i'm all, "CRAPCRAPCRAPCRAP!" and flinging the window open and laying my precious notebook out on the kitchen table to air out. 
and i went to grammar class without my beloved yellow notebook (::sniff, sniff::).  
do you think i took notes today? was i the least bit productive?? NO! no i was not.
i need my notebook. i need it dry.
and now it's all smeary with blue ink from my favorite bic pens and pink ink from my favorite highlighters.
at least it's mostly legible...it's just not as neat and tidy and orderly as it used to be.
and i spent the hour between class and work blow-drying the damp pages.

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  1. BRANDILYN! You should be so embarrassed. Some people don't even HAVE yellow notebooks. You should be grateful you even had water to spill on the notebook!


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