today was AWESOME.

i went to get my sweet tats lasered again and they DIDN'T CHARGE ME! dead serious. they said since they had to reschedule me twice, they were lifting the charge to ensure my satisfaction as a customer. i hadn't even thought twice about the rescheduling, but i was STOKED to be saving $75.

then, i decided to stop by the computer repair place to see if they were there. they've had my computer for the last 2 weeks, and we've been calling, stopping by, and emailing trying to see when we'd be getting it back. for TWO WEEKS they hadn't picked up their phone once, returned our emails, or been in the store during their posted hours. today they were finally there and i told them i wanted my computer back whether it was fixed or not. SWEET! i'm so excited to not be using the store computer anymore.

then shpitty and i got groceries together, a monday ritual that i'm so happy to reinstate.

THEN i met with my adviser to get the ball rolling to be enrolled at byui this fall (meaning i'll be doing 3 semesters this year), so i'll be graduating in ONE YEAR. so close...yet so far away...
in so doing, i've realized i still have a geology lab AND a french lit class to get out of the way. shoot me.

and THEN (i know, you're thinking 'how could this get any better?!) i got a letter from meeshelle today, which was hilarious and heart-warming and wonderful. i love michelle so friggin much and can't wait  until she gets home from londy. it came in the mail with a book i ordered that's supposed to help me sew like a pro (rhyme intended).

to complete it all, david and i took a nap and then had baked potatoes for dinner, which is the best dinner ever.

just in case you start thinking my life rocks more than anyone's life should rock, know that i have a paper to write for my medieval & renaissance british literature class (due tomorrow, naturally) and i have NO IDEA what's going on in that class. the professor starts talking in other languages sometimes and expects me to know what's going on...also, i haven't worked out since last wednesday so i'll be lugging my butt (+ my inhaltor) to the gym tonight.

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