things i love about my closet office in the corner of the store:
1. privacy
     a. i can make out with david
     b. i can eat lunch
     c. i can facebook/watch shows on hulu
- - all without worrying people will think me unprofessional - -
2. i get to hang anything i want on the walls! (i.e., thrift store pictures of funny men, posters, & cat pictures)
3. shpitty made a water cooler for my office with turquoise buttons all over it
4. i can spread my homework out all over the desk and not scramble to put it away every time a customer walks in.
5. david got my security camera all hooked up in here, so i know to go greet customers when they walk in but also so i feel like a super high-tech manager spy lady.
6. sometimes i put my feet up on my desk, lean back in my chair, clasp my hands behind my head, and ponder sale strategies, new shipments, and the meaning of life.
7. it smells like a mango-quava-fruit-jamba juice DREAM in here.
8. my peacock rug is in here because it was too small for the store, but it's perfect for my office.

basically, i love this little space. you should probably stop by and say hello!
i'll probably say, "yes, please come see me in my office..." when you do.


  1. ha! i love it! I love that you "can make out with david" in your happy place.. very cool!

    ps. miss you and your awesome little store... i shall donate some plasma and come in soon-- i NEED me some cute clothes!!!

  2. Oh! It looks cute! However, your little cubicle right there needs some lovin' sweetie. If you want to want to have a lot of space here in your office, organizing and removing all the clutter is the solution.


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