humble abode

yesterday, the light switch in our kitchen went out.
we weren't surprised.
our light switches were all these antiquated horrors, and they never did what i wanted them to do.
the switch in our bedroom wouldn't turn off in the down position unless you slapped it, and the one in the bathroom would flicker like a strobe light if you even nudged it with your pinkie finger. SO GHETTO.

so yesterday, when the kitchen switch went out, david called mr. landlord to come fix them...and he did! we were so impressed! and he decided to keep one of the old switches because it looked like such an antique. i'm glad our nightmare makes a cool souvenir for someone though!

we're very excited to graduate and move out of crappy apartments.
i was telling my mom this last weekend about how excited i am to maybe one day have hot water when i turn on the shower, instead of waiting 10 minutes. and it'll be freaking awesome if we don't have to yell "toilet!" after peeing while someone's in the shower so they can step out of the spray before they get scalded/frozen.

oh oh an...marley can come live with us when we have a house.
and we will have a dishwasher. and a washer. and a dryer.
and we'll feel like royalty.


  1. i guess i didn't know that you changed sites. i feel like an idiot. i have been wondering where you were.

  2. I am so with you on moving out of these apartments. And having our own washer and dryer...But then we won't be neighbors. :(

  3. I've been to other countries where people don't even have hot water. I think you should be grateful to have such a nice roof over your head.

  4. @Anonymous I've lived in other countries where people don't have hot water either. And I'm sure Brandilyn's very grateful for the roof over her head. We all are.

    Calm down.

  5. :) thanks, jules!

    anonymous, if the things i write bother you, please don't feel obligated to keep stopping by and leaving snarky comments! typing in a URL and looking at someone's blog is voluntary--no one is forcing you to be here.


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