i saved!

i read a fashion blog sometimes, and every now and again she'll do a 'crave or save' post. i always thought that was a cool idea, finding budget-friendly items that look similar to pieces you can't afford. unfortunately for me, her crave/save posts are usually about dresses where the 'crave' is like $900 and the 'save' item is $200. i don't know about you, but i do not consider a $200 dress a money-saving situation.
well, this weekend i had my very own crave/save situation that was much more friendly to my budget! i found the dress on the right on the old navy clearance rack and i love it. it's soft and just the right length and looks sweet with my cowboy boots. the one on the left is from modcloth...a website i love, but is usually out of my price range. 
sorry the picture's not great; i just hung the dress in the doorway and snapped a cell phone picture. i couldn't find a nice, mannequin-clad picture online.
not bad, right?! it made me feel better about buying these shoes later that night:
i seriously feel smoking hot when i wear them. david likes them, too :)


  1. Where are those shoes from! They are fabulous!

  2. i know where you got them :) i recognize that awful carpet and the all-too-familiar design of the shoe racks...


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