lala land

with my new schedule of mostly on-line classes (ps--it's heaven. i LOVE on-line classes), i get done with "live" classes every day at either 9:30 or 10:00. this leaves me 60-90 minutes in between class and opening the store...now, originally, i was all, "oh i'm going to be so productive with that time, i'm going to get dinners going in the crock pot and clean house and work on my on-line classes." but most days, when i get home, my apartment looks all serene and feels so warm.....
and my couch is just so comfy....i usually use that 60-90 minutes for good old snooze time. 
the cars whoosh-ing by on main street outside just lull me right to sleep.
(this is me today...pretending to nap...)

and then i'm as content (although not nearly as cute) as this baby boxer puppy my little brother brought to the store yesterday:
i love my current schedule!

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