letters to my day

dear rexburg,
thank you for giving us beautiful skies today. i am happy to spend my summer here.

dear parents,
i want really, really bad to see you both this weekend. i'm counting down the days. i love you and miss you EVERY DAY.

dear shpitty, carrie, & stacy,
your visits to the store make my whole day. shpitty, i don't even mind that you're making me fat, i just love the company too much. carrie, i think you're hilarious when you're grumpy (and every other day, actually). i love making fun of indie blogs with you. and stacy, you & caleb always know just what to say to make me feel happy! you guys are great. i don't know what i'd do without you.

dear grammar & online children's lit,
i love you!

dear brit lit & online comm 250,

dear gym,
i'm trying to visit you more often! it's just kind of hard cause you kick my butt every time i come. i'd like to be your new bff though.

dear panache,
i'm so happy i have a little office inside you now. your new clothes make me so happy and i love filling your racks. when you get polite customers, it makes my whole day happier.

dear pero, sourdough toast, & fresh fruit,
thanks for being freaking delicious! i love eating you every morning.

dear plants on my kitchen table,
i'm sorry your pots are so small. i'll get you bigger pots as soon as i have time! thank you for being green and big and beautiful.  david thinks i will kill you.  i'm trying my hardest to prove him wrong.

dear david,
thanks for telling me i have good ideas and sharing your coke 0 with me. thanks for bringing me treats in the store and wearing my favorite flannel shirt. i adore you.

love, brandilyn

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  1. dear B,
    this is pretty much the cutest post evah.


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