my lair

last night, david came down to the store with me to help me clean out the closet we'd been using for storage.
i'd been working on it here and there all week, getting all the stuff that would stay in there organized, throwing a bunch of stuff away, making a separate box for the thrift store, etc. 
last night, we really got to work. we found homes for stacks of hangers and boxes of store fixture things. and i cleaned the glass that sits on top of the table that would become my desk...it had been in the closet for a long time (since before we owned the store), and needed some TLC. david got the security camera all hooked up in here so i can see people when they come into the store. i hung my john lennon poster up.
and today, i put the finishing touches on: i plugged my laptop in, put my little bamboo plant on the desk, and plugged a scentsy warmer in.

i feel like a QUEEN!
i love my little lair :)

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