a post about things i absolutely don't need

i know that not everyone who reads my blog is as into online shopping as i am...but maybe some of you are...with that in mind, here's my current pile of stuff i absolutely don't need but think is so, so cute:
wedges + swimsuit: modcloth; belt: anthropologie; octopus on a bike tee: dark cycle clothing via etsy; dres + connector ring: forever 21; scarf + skirt: ruche; kitten: my dreams.

p.s. are connector rings too...i don't know...jenny from the block? because i'm starting to kind of like them...just really thin ones, not ones with like 'DELICIOUS' written in rhinestones across the top or something.

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  1. connector rings are totally in!!!! go for it!

    i wish i could buy a kitten online too.

    love the skirt. would look bomb with a men's white tee and blazer.


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