sno cones + crafting

last night was (as my little brother jacob would say) "AWETHOME!"
i did some temple work & brought home some fresco tacos for david and i.
david did a ton of (much-needed) straightening up in the house which resulted in a trip to the storage unit, &
on our way home, we stopped for a sno cone. i'm not usually a huge fan of them (even though everyone in rexburg rants and raves about the sno shack), but last night it was pretty good!
i was inspired to make this wreath after i saw it hanging on carrie's front door.
she got it from darcy, who, upon further investigation...got the tutorial from here
since both carrie and darcy are seriously more talented than me when it comes to crafting, i was a little nervous to try this one...but tackled it anyways! i even bought my first very own glue gun (for $3, thank you wal mart!).  i assembled the whole thing while watching a movie with david and i think it turned out pretty cute, if i do say so myself! i spent my sunday afternoon redoing the walls in my living room and i'm pleased with the results:
the wreath's made out of book pages rolled and glued on....clever, right?? i think it'd be really cute to make one out of vintage sheet music (if your family was into that sort of thing).

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