things i am looking forward to:                   
- the humors have a (midnight!) show tonight for the senior's graduating from rexburg's local high school. i'm excited to get my improv on, excited to play with fellow cast members...just excited!
- my birthday's coming soon (though the big 2-1 isn't nearly as exciting when you're mormon)!
- mid-june, i'm heading home to the bay area because my bestie rach is getting MARRIED! married married married! (that was said with a british accent to sound like rita in arrested development...) 
- and mid-july we're headed to virginia because my sister-in-law is getting married! i'm so excited to see all of david's family and to experience a wedding will&lindsay style :)
- our 2-year wedding anniversary is coming up soon, too!
things that have been driving me bananas:
-people shortening words that end in "ing." i don't really mind this when it's typed out, for some reason, but in speech it makes my skin crawl! i had a sunday school teacher in one of my old wards who did this alllll the time. "so when you're thinkin and prayin about somethin, and you get to studyin and ponderin and wonderin..." ACK!
- the word definitely being misspelled. a trick to help you remember how to spell it: it has the word   'finite' in the middle. it's not defiantly or defenately or defenitly...it's definitely!
- my brit lit teacher who seems to be having a love affair with his own voice. and his own jokes. he seriously cracks himself up...and speaks in old english half the time and i just don't understand what he's saying.
things i have been obsessed with lately:
- pero (it's a hot drink mix) combined with irish cream coffee creamer...it's SO good.
- corn on the cob! they sell it nacho libre-style at the farmer's market here in rexburg and it's delicious.
- the cowboy boots i "inherited" from my momma. i wear them everywhere & with everything.
- david's new short hair cut. the man's sexy, okay? he looks good.
things i'm happy about:
-rexburg's weather. it's been a little overcast and windy, but really not too bad. i love it when it rains here, too...i just can't handle the snow!
- my grammar & children's lit classes. they're both fun and i don't mind the work at all.

have a happy thursday, everyone!
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  1. Pero = SO GOOD

    Nacho Libre Corn = EVEN BETTER

  2. Yeah, and I'm happy that you're sending Pero my way cuz my body is convulsing like crazy! The Postum just doesn't cut the mustard. Oh, and I agree, that negative person that keeps commenting on your blog needs to find a life! I mean, really? Your blog is one of the most entertaining places on the internet, if you ask me (but then, I'm partial because you are my first born).

  3. wait wait wait...you have a negative anon commenter?! A HOLE! if it makes you feel any better i have an anon person who comments literally in chinese. for all i know it could very well be negative things.

    DEFINITELY x10000 thanks for saying that!!!

  4. haha, i TOTALLY agree w/you about the definitely thing! people just need to rally and learn how to spell it once and for all :) that trick is great. so funny.


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