we can live like this

this weekend has been so dreamy! david and i had an unplanned date night last night when i remembered that some friends of mine were going to be selling cobbler at the farmer's market. so we headed down there to get some (verdict: delicious!) and ended up going on a walk around downtown rexburg; it was SO beautiful out!
i love our little town in the summer.
we said hello to our friends at brittany rae boutique, wandered over to a burrito place and decided it smelled fishy (literally), then headed back to our building. we hopped in the car, got bajio burrito bowls
(btw, did they raise their prices? anyone know?), and ate them in the sunshine at smith park. bliss.

then we picked up some groceries & came home to cuddle on the couch while watching the office (via hulu). then we prepared our humble abode for the arrival of my mom and sat outside on the roof of our building, waiting for her to pull in.

well, my little brother dug a hole and my mom stepped in it yesterday morning, resulting in a swollen & painful ankle. since she was so excited to see her firstborn (me!), she got in the car and drove here without getting it looked at. so this morning, we headed over to the hospital to get it X-rayed. turns out she's got a broken fibula and gets to sport a bulky walking cast thing for a while. luckily, my ofum's optimistic and in good spirits.
here you can see her in the wheelchair my bff shpitty has so graciously lent us:

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