about the lovely things

i have been so, so tired lately.  david has been, too.
it's midterms. plus full-time jobs for both us us. it's wearing us out.
things like cramps and staying up too late aren't helping matters either, i guess.
i'm so tired tonight that when david started making fart noises with his mouth, i laughed hysterically. i'm so tired i watched 3 old episodes of the office instead of doing my grammar workbook.

despite the fatigue, we still went to the farmer's market to buy our italian bread (it has tomatoes and olives all up in the mix) and made dinner together. so the night was good. and david drove me to mcdonald's to get a soft serve cone.

now if you'll excuse me...there's a piece of italian bread, an open window, and a chapter of the fountainhead calling my name. also calling my name: sleeping in tomorrow curled up next to my hunky roommate.

and now you've caught a glimpse of the true glamour that is the fabric of our lives.
:::insert fart noise:::

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