back again

i'm home from california...
it was such an amazing weekend.
it was filled with family, old friends, the most beautiful outside wedding you could ever dream of, good food (in n out, trader joe's, and of course my mom's homemade vegan dishes), great conversation, & yes...my cat. :)

leaving was so bittersweet.
bittersweet because it means saying good-bye (AGAIN) to my parents, because rachel's moving to the east coast with her handsome new husband, and because being home just feels so right.

being back in rexburg is right, too, though!
my husband was here waiting for me and he somehow got even sexier in the 3 days that i was gone. the store is here and the humors are here. i'm back in classes and we've only got about a month of this semester left before we'll be done for almost 2 months.

so i'm feeling a little conflicted. and very tired.

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  1. having you here was like a dream. You are such a bright light in my life. I love you so much and can hardly wait until you can make your way back out here.


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