cause family is the best

growing up, the day before our birthday was always called our
goof off day.

that meant you got to be silly and do crazy things all day long because it was your last day of being however old you were before your birthday!
i still get excited for that day every year.
well, today is my goof off day! it's my last day of being 20 years old.

last night, when david and i were still awake at midnight doing homework, i looked at the clock and said (very excited), "look, honey! my goof off day has officially begun!"
to which he replied, "i don't think anyone other than you knows what that is..."
and i pouted a little (but not a lot, because i have teeny tiny lips and pouting isn't that cute on me), but wasn't too upset because no matter what he says...it's still my goof off day, okay?

so i've been all excited today, even though in the back of my mind i was sort of thinking, "maybe he's right. maybe no one knows what a goof off day is and i'm the only one excited."

but then, my phone rang. and it was my little brother.
i picked up the phone to him screaming,
into my ear.
and then he came to the store and gave me some cash to go pick out a pair of shoes like the ones i had been admiring on his girlfriend (he didn't know my shoe size) and watched the store so i could go and do it right then. and he said it was because my goof off day should be a fun day.

and i got into my car and i cried a little, because i'm PMSing* but also because isn't that what makes family so great? that they have all the same traditions and funny little sayings that you do, and they don't think that you're weird for thinking they're perfectly normal?

it's very comforting to have a family as equally wacko as i am.

*it's very dangerous to be PMSing during your birthday, because then every time someone does something does something nice for you, you burst into tears. ok, maybe you don't, but i do.

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  1. I think that anyone who doesn't celebrate their Goof Off Day is out of their minds. It's the bestest day of the year!!!

    Princess, I hope that your Goof Off Day was the best EVER!!! Oh, and I hope that little story I called and told you about brought a smile to those cute little tiny lips of yours. I love you and I wish that I could fit into Rob's suitcase tomorrow cuz I'm insanely jealous that he gets to come see you and I don't!


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