here's a fact:
i finished this book this afternoon
it was really cute! i would definitely recommend it. i will now be starting on the fountainhead, as per recommendation by shpitty. i'm a little apprehensive...anyone out there love this book? i'll for sure give it a try. it's been good for me to read grown-up books this semester in addition to all the children's lit i've been doing.

another fact:
we got this necklace in at the store and i immediately snagged one for myself. i mean, it has a little vintage sewing machine charm! and a little white bow! i needed it.
& now, i wear it all the time. this picture was taken on friday while i was sitting in my little office.
oh, & it makes me happy to no end that carrie snagged the other one.  because as 4th grade as this sounds, i don't mind matching my friends at all. it just goes to show that my friends have impeccable taste, right??

a third fact:
david and i went on a great walk tonight. we went out to porter park and walked around there before heading back to our apartment. we talked about when we were dating and engaged (two years ago now!), store things, and future things. it was raining a little and my feet got dirty on account of flip flops, but it was nice to hold david's hand and walk in the dark and be so completely comfortable with who i am and who i'm with and where we're at in life, and to still be so excited that we're here together. and to still be in awe of david's astonishingly dashing good looks.

fact four:
i took two naps today. TWO. and i'll still probably be able to fall asleep tonight. why my brain/body require this much sleep is beyond my realm of comprehension. my poor husband will probably be up tossing and turning all night, too, while i sleep peacefully and gorgeously (false; i will probably be drooling with my hair all smooshed into my cheeks and muttering something weird and nonsensical).


  1. Brandilyn - for some reason my GoogleReader setup dealie hasn't shown any updates on your blog since April (this is really weird, since it shows every other blog in the world I subscribe to). Anyhow, I was happy to re-find and catch up on the Haynes life from Brandilyn's POV - glad it's still going strong and wanted to let you know :)

  2. Fact: I wear that sewing machine necklace all. the. time.
    Fact: I took TWO naps today as well.
    Fact: I love you.


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