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 i've had a hard transition back into "real life" after my dream weekend in california. i spent the weekend driving around town and chatting with my momma, tearing up over and over again during wedding events, and snuggling with my cat. i was a responsible little student and got all my homework done the week before i left, so i literally had nothing to worry about except for bridesmaid-ly things and enjoying myself.

and now...i'm back. i was talking to my mom about this today, and i think the reason my week has been rough is that usually i come back to the beginning of a semester. i have a day to print my schedule, map out where i'll be walking each day, and buy textbooks.  i read over my upcoming course descriptions and get excited (english classes) or terrified (anything non-english). and then, there's a week of, "ok, class, i need you to go over the syllabus...and buy a 3 subject notebook...and BLUE pens, okay? not black or green, but BLUE.  can you handle that?" before any real studying begins.

this time, i came right back into the middle of the semester. papers need to be written, quizzes need to be taken, and peers are waiting to be responded to on class discussion boards. on top that, "holycrap the store needs new clothes, let's put shipments together, jewelry and tanning lotion too!" and there are also the regular stresses of life, you know, what to cook for dinner, and no clean underpants, and budgeting...things like that.

so i've been a little blue.
and that's why i haven't blogged as much/my posts haven't been super fascinating.

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  1. blue you? I'm pretty blue as well. My house is a wreck and I'm just not myself since you left. I know it's part of life but it's the part that sucks. I miss you so bad. I miss our talks and our shopping excursions, and asking you if my outfit looks okay and just having your funny, witty personality constantly in my life. I love you, oboe joboe.


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