i spend a lot of time on the internet. it's true. i blame it on the nature of my work.
i find lots of cool things, though! check it out:

this. i scrolled through like 4 times and then had dave come scroll through, too. thinking about things like how deep the ocean goes BLOWS MY MIND...plus i already won't go past my knees in the it, so...

this kills me. it combines two of my most favorite guilty pleasures: lady gaga & newsies.

this girl has a goal of: "365 days. 365 items of clothing. 365 dollars." so she's spending $1/day to buy a new item of thrift store clothing...and that's all the shopping she's doing for the whole year! it's fun seeing what she comes up with every day.

&this top at forever 21:


  1. Love love love all these things! Fabulous links girlie, and without the internet, a pc is useless, too much time spent on youtube is never enough!!

    Have an awesome week xoxo

  2. you need to look at THIS:



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