killing it!

we got a big, fat, new, awesome shipment into the store today. it was very much needed. it's also been insanely busy in here, and most of our customers have been super friendly and fun to chat with! that always makes my day.

david came down to the store and had asain noodle salad leftovers for lunch with me. that salad is the best...no, actually, he's the best.
 this picture just cracks me up every time i look at it. i'm printing one out to hang in my office and one to send to michelle.
i won this bag from a giveaway on a cup of jo ... there were 1,850 entries and i won! this bag retails for $350 (um, yeah, that's a little less than i pay in rent each month)...i'm a little blown away. and SO so excited!! i'll definitely post pictures when it comes in the mail.

and tonight, i get to play with my buddy caleb!

today seriously rocked.

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