our hands are weak, our hearts are strong

i stole this from mrs. darcy pingel, my 'fridays at 2' buddy whom i miss dearly. it looked like fun and i'm procrastinating starting my comm midterm....due tomorrow night....feel free to steal it!

1 • Favorite computer program: solitaire. microsoft word. firefox. i don't use anything cool/fancy on the 'puter.

2 •
Car you loved the most: melvin. my very first car...a sky blue slugbug with a manual transmission. he was good to me. he was my buddy. i miss him.

3 •
Snack of choice while watching a movie: chocolate covered cookie dough or skittles

4 •
Best thing you ever wrote: i wrote a story called 'my father's gun' that won an award for best non-fiction in my creative writing class last winter. that was pretty cool. and i wrote a story called 'hi' in my high school creative writing class that was a ton of fun.

5 • Your decorating style: anything seafoam or mustard yellow. random stuff i find at cool places...right now, cheap. we're in college.

6 •
Last book you read: Ender's Game, and right now i'm working on The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.
7 • Last thing you regret eating: hmm...annual friday mcdon's breakfast with hailey. but it's just so good...

8 •
Exercise of choice: preferably, a combination of horse-back riding and yoga. realistically right now, the eliptical + whatever weights i can figure out how to do on my own.

9 •
Code you live by: "if the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it's because they're taking better care of it."

10 • Most attractive feature: my NOSE!

11 • Favorite cooking tool: my food processor.

12 • Essential beauty item: moroccan oil. chi. bare escentuals. i can't choose just one!

13 •
I make a killer: taco soup &/or peach cobbler. both vegan, both delicious, both crowd pleasers.

14 •
Don’t ask me to: laugh at your stories about being mean to an animal. it'll just make me cry.

15 •
Get out of my way when: i'm hungry or tired. i get mean.

16 •
Someday I will: own a home, have a baby, and be done with college. all of these things seem infinitely far away right now.

17 •
…was the best time of my life and I didn’t even know it:  i am happier now than i ever have been before. maybe that means that today is the best time of my life! i love where i'm at.

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