today, i took another step in the journey called "brandilyn not being a doormat."
i placed an order with one of our suppliers for a cute, knee-length (helllooo, we're in rexburg) skirt.
i opened the shipment today to find a teeny, tiny polyester miniskirt with a blue and yellow pattern all over it that looked best suited for my 12 year-old sister.
so i called the supplier and explained the problem and asked them to please send me the correct item.
to this, the woman on the other end of the line suggested that i just keep the item they'd sent and not go through the trouble of shipping things back and forth.
i replied in as polite a manner as i knew how, "i would do that if i thought this skirt would sell in my store...but i just don't think that's the case. i'd rather have the skirt i originally ordered."
and then there was a dispute about shipping, because i just didn't think i should have to pay for shipping back and forth when the error was on their end. i stood my ground, though! ain't nobody gon' mess with MY bidness..or something.
anyways, UPS is picking up the old skirt on monday morning and they're sending the correct one next week!
i know, i know...like all my other "asserting myself" stories, this doesn't seem like a big deal. but it is to me, ok? and i know that at the very least, my mom and carrie will be proud of me. ha.
brandilyn: 1
fugly skirt: 0


  1. I totally am! This makes me laugh because there have been like TWO incidents lately where I have flexed my "bad a--" muscles and felt pretty great about myself as well! WAY TO GO, Baby Girl!


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