it's gorgeous outside...and i'm in the store, working.
being a grown-up sucks sometimes.
i did sign up for the summer reading program today, though! i'm excited about that.
i was looking through pictures on my phone today and thought i'd post these ones...
A.) because that in-n-out burger from this last weekend in livermore on the top right was the most mind-blowingly delicious thing i've ever eaten,
B.) because the moo-shu tofu i made the other night on the bottom left both impressed david and tasted delicious,
C.) because michelle sent me the tee shirt i'm wearing in the top left picture for my birthday and i'm in love with it (& her), and
D.) because animals dressed as humans are always funny.

enjoy. :)

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  1. good for you that you made mooshoo tofu and good for David that he dug on it. It is totally one of my faves!


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