shabby chic

usually yahoo! news isn't good for much. most of the time i expect to find little more than headlines like, "are you getting enough sleep?" or updates on reality television. today, though, i found a link to an adorable article from the ny times (here) about this little tiny house:
that a woman turned into the epitome of a shabby chic cottage! i know shabby chic is super trendy right now, but i also think it's so classic...this cottage will still be adorable in 10 years.

the bookshelf! kill me now.
i basically want the inside of my store to look like this. i wish.
and a little tiny loft for afternoon naps...it all looks so dreamy.
ok, granted, yahoo! hasn't delivered breaking news or anything...but the pictures sure brightened my afternoon. :)


  1. WOW! I would do just about anything for this cottage! So romantic! I love the loft SO much!

    I am pretty much in love with your blog and can't wait to keep reading!

  2. I wish this was a vacation spot you could book. How amazing is that little place!

  3. She could rent this place out for $$$. I would rent it for a rainy afternoon. Mmmmm...

    my heart hurts i want it so bad.


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