sweat dollars

this doesn't have anything to do with this post, but it makes me laughx10
 things that happened today:
-i learned to diagram verbals. it's not as interesting as it sounds. but really, i do think it's pretty cool.

-i started reading dress your family in corduroy and denim by david sedaris...again. have i ever mentioned that he's my favorite author? it's true. he is.

-a girl stood at my cash register searching for her cash...until she realized it was actually in her bra. so she pulled it out and handed it to me...which wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't warm. and damp. did i mention how hot it is here?! yeah. gross. i may have threw up a little in my mouth.

-we had an unexpected great day in the store. yay!

-i went to horkley's and ramires with my bff shpitty, because we're a coupla classy ladies. then we sat outside on the grass and talked and glared at girls who walked around screaming in the streets. it was a warm summer night and also it was nice to be outside of my { hot } apartment in good company.

-i procrastinated writing a paper on sir gawain and the green knight all day long. this blog post is actually one of the fruits of that procrastination. &it's due tomorrow morning at 8:00, and our printer's out of ink so i'll be hustling my butt up to campus early to use a printer there...

overall, a good day! hope yours was, too.

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